EE-Ebook-Cover-FinalEmotional elegance–the ability to manage our emotions in a thoughtful, sophisticated way that leads to a better world for all concerned–is a skill that we need in plenty. It is a skill that is worthy of our lives. The word “elegance” implies a link between emotions and the status of our surroundings and how we handle everything external in our lives. It is hard to be peaceful if we have no money, our house looks like a junkyard, and our spouse just walked out. In this sense, one could argue that I am an “emotional materialist” believing that our inner world is inextricably tied up with how things are going in our outer world.

Inside the pages of “Emotional Elegance,” you will find clear directions and pathways to the making of meaning–to help you get back on track and stay on track. It is a creative playground that will help you fill in the gap between where your life is now and where you dearly want it to be. (Every human being has what psychotherapists call their “ego ideal” which is the ideal picture of how we want our life to be. The closer you live to your ego ideal, the happier you will be.)

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